MORE4CORE brings together industry, researchers and policymakers from across Europe to collaborate on the development of programmes and projects supporting innovation, human resources development, and harmonisation of norms/standards in maintenance.

More4Core outputs available for download

After much hard work over the past years, the More4Core project has been successfully completed. Outputs of the project have been made available for download online. These include the Strategic Research Agenda, European Maintenance Skills Passport and Maintenance Market Integration, Norms and Standards for Maintenance, among others. The More4Core project is proud to have contributed to harmonising the Maintenance industry in Europe and that its outputs will have a strong impact in NWE and beyond.

Assets in the Manufacturing, Process and Utilities industries often have a lifetime of 20 to 50 years. To ensure productivity and reliability of that period, maintenance is crucial. As global competition intensifies, the Maintenance sector is facing both demands for a cleaner industry and growing concerns over an aging workforce. Under such conditions, the sector is expected to deliver longer asset life, reduced energy consumption and waste production, and modernised production with more intelligent and adaptable systems.

MORE4CORE looks to address these challenges at policy level on a regional, national and international scale.

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