Harmonising norms & standards

Maintenance industry practices form barriers to market integration in three key areas:

  • Different standards exist for the description of services across countries.
  • Different regulations exist or product and service requirements and procedures, including safety, quality and performance management, across countries and industries.
  • The market for maintenance services is localised and fragmented.

In practice, this means an international company cannot use the same maintenance processes across all regions, nor can they contract the same service providers due to different norms for service levels and for qualifications of staff. This adds administrative and operational costs, along with market barriers for capable service providers.

An analysis of standards and regulations will improve both cross-sector and cross-border cooperation, and thus increase market efficiency. Priority cases for normalisation and standardisation for Maintenance will be identified and discussed with relevant international bodies. Furthermore, partners will transnationally align the categorisation of maintenance services, aiming to enhance transparency and help promote specialised and innovative SMEs to a broader market.