Organising the Maintenance sector

Maintenance is a key supporting activity in industrial maintenance, ensuring high effectiveness and efficiency in capital-intensive industrial processes. As many industrial assets have an economic lifetime of 20-50 years, maintenance, repair and overhaul of these assets is key to ensuring the long-term competitiveness of industry.

Maintenance, however, is rarely recognised as a strategic activity, with limited attention art Board level and almost no collaboration between industry, research and education, and policymakers to create aligned policies and programmes.

The aim of MORE4CORE is to develop such aligned programmes for human resources, innovation, and norms and standards at EU level. To do so, the ‘triple helix’ will be brought together to jointly develop an agenda for maintenance and accelerate uptake across different sectors.

As a first step, international, cross-sector advisory boards will be created. Members are well connected and able to advise project partners on implementing their activities and connecting results to relevant stakeholder groups within their networks.

Advisory boards will be set up for Maintenance Sector Strategy, Human Resources and Norms & Standards.