Mapping economic impact

The overall Maintenance sector is expected to have a 75 billion Euro economic impact in North-West Europe alone. That said, there are no recent and internationally comparable data on actual investments, economic impacts and trends. This lack of insight into the sector’s impact is a real barrier to fact-based policy making.

MORE4CORE will conduct Europe’s first transnational quantitative study on Maintenance. This will consist of a microeconomic analysis comprising 300 companies in four countries, taking into account data on human resources and innovation.

The results will be extrapolated to national and European levels, providing insight into the sector’s volume, impact and trends. These results will form a basis for identification of barriers and opportunities in education/training, innovation and norms & standards. This in turn will form the basis for the development of a rationale for investment in the maintenance sector, and a starting point for the development of local and international supporting policies.