At European level innovation programmes are mostly technology-driven or industry driven. There is little alignment around multi-disciplinary business functions such as Maintenance. In order to build upon strenghts developed in specialst institutes around Europe, and to contribute to addressing the shared challenge of competitiveness of Europe’s industrial base, a coherent agenda of Asset Management is needed. Therefore the partners in the More4Core project created the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This agenda is created to stimulated maintenance focused innovation programmes.

The More4Core SRA is intended to be a first step in identifying the major challenges and opportunities in research for maintenance. Beyond the agenda, this SRA calls upon the sector to take the following actions:

  • Create an international cross-disciplinary network on Maintenance R&D
  • Support the development of Maintenance ‘Living Laboratories’
  • Integrate the Maintenance SRA in the agenda of established EU platfroms

A first concrete action resulting from the More4Core SRA is the Smart Tooling project. The idea of the project was born during a workshop to gather input for the SRA in October 2014. The goal of this project is to create a living lab at process plants where hightech companies can develop robotic solutions (smart tooling) to support maintenance activities.

The SRA can be downloaded here: MORE4CORE Strategic Research Agenda – Final