The economic crisis of the last few years made it painfully clear that an economy cannot thrive on a service industry alone. After decades of outsourcing and offshoring, European governments agree that it is high time for a reversal of these phenomenon: re-industrialisation, industrial renaissance and re-shoring are the terms used to describe the ambitious goals in their policy papers. What measures need to be taken to increase a healthy European manufacturing base that can compete on a global basis? How can the positive role of Maintenance and Asset Management in this renaissance be maximized?

BEMAS asked these and other questions to key players from industry, government and the academic world, such as Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, MIT professor Olivier de Weck and Wouter de Geest, CEO of BASF Antwerpen, the companies second largest integrated production site. Their visions have been bundled into the book ‘Industrial Renaissance in North-West Europe: The key role of Maintenance and Asset Management’. 

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