Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is key to modernising Europe’s industrial base. Beyond maintaining productivity, it is the enabler for more efficient, more effective and more sustainable technologies within existing assets and processes.


As manufacturing and infrastructural facilities age, such upgrades to existing systems become increasingly important as a means to meeting demand for longer and more competitive asset lifecycles. To ensure that North West Europe’s assets continue to reach their potential, a coherent set of policies and programmes on innovation, human resources and maintenance industry norms/standards is needed – much of it at European level.

MORE4CORE (MRO for COmpetitive REgions) unites industry, service-providers, educational institutions and governments to:

  • identify the impact of maintenance on Europe’s economy through the first major international study of its kind
  • increase the mobility of maintenance technicians by developing European qualification frameworks
  • accelerate innovation in maintenance with the development of EU innovation programmes and support for project development
  • support the alignment of national standards and regulation for maintenance
  • improve the representation of maintenance at European level by creating a permanent industry-led representation in Brussels.