The PrIMA project


The VOKA Chamber of Commerce Antwerpen-Waasland (CCI A-W) investigates the competence needs of the region’s industry every two years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the need for the right maintenance skills remains high on the process industries’ list of priorities.

CCI A-W gathered the necessary partners around the table to draw up an extensive competence profile of a maintenance technician in the process industries – one worthy of a world class certificate. The various industries (chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy and MRO) recognised high standards that must be set for a qualified technician and successfully placed the resulting document at the top of the political agenda.

The competence profile is certified under European Qualifications framework level 4.5. The design of a dedicate training programme began in 2012, with the first trainees receiving their certificates in October 2013 and gained the ability to work in the maintenance industry immediately afterwards.

The PrIMA project is a test case and forms the basis for further analysis and in-depth exploration. The primary question is one of validation on an international scale. Therein lies the reason that CCI A-W became a part of the MORE4CORE project – to participate in the development of an international skills passport form maintenance technicians.

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